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What A Health Care Directive Can Do For You

Not many people can tell you that they have heard of a health care directive, much less tell you what it is for. Here at Richardson & Richardson, LLLP, our estate planning attorneys want to help you fill in the blanks on a few areas about health care directives. What you learn about them might just drastically improve your future down the road.

A health care directive is a document you create that is the final word in what you want in your health care. This document is used when you are not able to communicate your wishes to others when your input is crucial.

Why You Should Have A Health Care Directive

No one wants to think much about the dire moments in life where you are extremely unhealthy, but you will be glad that you planned ahead when the time comes. If a doctor decides that you are in such poor shape that you are unable to communicate your wishes with others, your loved ones will be able to refer to your health care directive for instructions on what steps to take.

A health care directive can state preferences for things like resuscitation after a serious injury or if you would consent to a certain procedure, but it also removes variables from these moments. Without a health care directive, you will still receive health care that you would need, but that does not mean that it is the kind of care you wish to have. We can help you keep anyone from wasting precious time and resources on something you do not want.

Put Your Wishes In Writing Today

If you are looking to make sure that what you want will be what is done, choose an experienced attorney that can help you do just that. Contact us online to tell us more about your estate planning needs. You can also call our Tennessee office in Tullahoma at 931-841-9968, or our Florida office in Stuart at 772-341-3389 to speak with a lawyer who can help you solidify your wishes today.