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Talk To An Experienced Estate Planning And Elder Law Attorney Today

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Your Full-Service Source
Of Estate Planning

Your Full-Service Source
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Your Full-Service Source
Of Estate Planning

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Frequently Asked Questions About Estate Planning

When it comes to preparing yourself for tomorrow, estate planning is your best bet to tackle that preparation. Estate planning will help you organize your estate and assets, determine who will receive them after your passing and choose your power of attorney to protect your best interests when you are not able. In any matters of estate planning, one of the experienced lawyers of Richardson & Richardson, LLLP, can guide you through planning for tomorrow.

There are a lot of questions that estate planning can create, and our team wants to help you answer a few of them.

When Should I Begin My Estate Planning?

No matter how old you are, now is always the best time to begin planning for tomorrow. Proper estate planning can help you account for everything that matters to you when you are seriously injured or even deceased.

Do I Need A Will?

According to the law, nothing is forcing you to have a will. However, that does not mean you could not use one. A will can save serious time and money when your loved ones are trying to disperse your estate.

What Happens To My Estate If I Do Not Have A Will?

If there is no will to help disperse your estate, your assets will go through the probate process, in which the state will oversee the dispersal. The problem with this is that the state could wind up allotting your property to someone other than the person(s) you thought deserved it the most. This process also takes a considerable amount of time, even years, in some cases.

What Can A Lawyer Do To Help Me?

An experienced estate planning lawyer can help you cover all of your bases. Our team can assist you as you set up your will, any trusts you might need and your power of attorney, or even help you disperse the estate of a loved one after their passing. With our extensive experience in all aspects of estate planning, we can help you take confidence in your tomorrow.

Get The Experience You Need In Your Estate Planning

If you are looking to begin your estate planning, update your previous wishes or disperse another person’s estate, choose an attorney you can trust to help you. Our team has more than 50 years of experience in these matters, and we are ready to help you as well. Contact our Tennessee office in Tullahoma by calling 931-841-9968, or our Florida office in Stuart by calling 772-341-3389. You can also contact us online through our online intake form to schedule your initial consultation with an attorney today.