Tennessee residents like you want your matters to get handled well after your death. This means having your estate plan in order well before you may think you need it. To have a solid estate plan, you need to start with a solid base. This means focusing on your executor.

But how do you pick the right one? And do you have to stick with family members or can you branch out?

Do you need to rely on a family member?

HuffPost discusses how to choose the right executor for your will. First, there is no law stating that your executor must be a family member. In fact, there are some cases in which this is ill advised. Not everyone has a family member they can trust to carry out their final wishes and that is okay. You can always choose a spouse, family friend or another close person in your life that you are not related to.

Why is a family member often the first choice?

Why do so many people pick family members, then? In many cases, it is because the family member in question wants what is best for the person to whom the estate belongs. Close relatives will often manage the estate for each other after one’s passing out of love and respect.

Unfortunately, not all family members are well-versed for the task on a professional level, though. It is important for your executor to get along with you on a personal level, but this is not the only important thing. They need to have some professional skills, including time management, organization and leadership. Without this, the role of executor may end up overwhelming them.