There are many reasons why disputes and tension between siblings can be challenging, especially when these problems last for years and lead to a long-term sibling rivalry. These rivalries may have various root causes, from childhood memories to disagreement over the decisions that a parent made later in life. Sibling disputes can create many different problems, especially when it comes to the probate process. However, it is imperative to do your best to prevent such rivalries from interfering with probate, if possible.

If you and your sibling are in the middle of a tough rivalry, or if you have family members who are struggling with these challenges, it is crucial to do whatever you can to reduce tension and try to smooth things out, at least to the best of your ability. Our law office recognizes how difficult this can be, if it is not impossible altogether. However, these negative emotions and disputes can get in the way of the probate process in various ways. Sometimes, they may even lead to false claims of wrongdoing or the breach of fiduciary duties.

In some instances, communication is a valuable tool that can help siblings work through the probate process in a more amicable manner. Moreover, when an estate is not managed properly (such as the improper distribution of assets among beneficiaries), it can even lead to a long-term rivalry between siblings.

After losing a family member, emotions can be especially strong, and these rivalries can make a difficult situation even tougher. Be sure to review your legal options and browse through our site for more.